15x10mm Prasiolite Pavilion Faceted Pear Beads 8 inch 49 pieces AAA

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Prasiolite Pear Briolette with Pavilion Concave beads have a vitreous luster, they show superior faceting and superior polish, these Prasiolite gems are well matched for a strong yellowish tone on strand, the shapes are symmetrical and calibrated, they exhibit a transparent quality with no eye visible internal characteristics, the stones have been expertly faceted on both sides to reflect a high level of brilliance, and these Prasiolite beads are a strongly yellowish medium green gemstone group with well made double pavilion pear shapes. AAA Quality

Shape: Concave Faceted Shape Beads
Size: 15x10x7-20x12x8mm
Length: Approx. 7.25 inch
SKU: 423390

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