14-15mm Silver Ultra Baroque Freshwater Pearls 15.5 inch 15 pcs .8mm drill hole AAA

26mm length x 14mm diameter up to 30mm length x 15mm diameter Silver with iridescent Overtone Ultra Baroque Freshwater Pearls show an irregular surface on these asymmetrical shapes of excellent nacre & high luster. The color is a natural Silver body showing a lilac purple overtone. These straight drilled pearls exhibit the best of baroque freshwater pearls with their size which is much larger than average and their luster which is near appearance to a 'South Sea' Pearl. The strand is well matched for strong orient, quality, color, and beauty providing for the AAA Quality Grade.

Size: 14-15mm diameter, 26-30mm length
Length: 15.5 inch
SKU: 7820

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