13x10-22x16mm Hemimorphite Plain Nugget 14 inch 24 pieces

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Hemimorphite Plain Nuggets measure approximately 13x10-22x16mm in size, have a waxy luster with a moderate polish, the gems show external features of matrix stone and have white calcite structures within the stone, each bead is a polished slightly oval shape with a nice depth for a strong bead, and the translucent to semi-translucent gems are a medium saturation of a caribbean sea blue hue (close to the color of apatite) for a south sea inspired color. Hemimorphite is formed as a result a mix of zinc and other elements which form in concentric patterns that can be seen within the beads.

Gem Type: Hemimorphite Beads
Shape: Plain Nugget Beads
Size: Approx. 13x10-22x16mm
Length: Approx. 14 Inch
SKU: 408101

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