13.5-15.5mm Tonal Blush Pink Ultra Baroque Freshwater Pearls 16.5 inch 16 pieces AAA

Tonal Blush Pink Ultra Baroque Freshwater Pearls have an ultra baroque shape showing irregular surface features giving the pearl a unique appearance. These multi-tonal blush pinnk baroque pearls have near metallic luster with an iridescent purplish pink overtone on these much larger than average sized Baroque pearls exhibiting a rare freshwater pearl with luster which is near 'South Sea' Pearl in character. Pearls measure approximately 13.5mm up to 15.5mm diameter & 23mm to 28mm length, Drill holes measure a standard 0.8mm diameter, and pearls Grade as A.

Baroque freshwater pearls have been cultured using a host mollusk in a lake environment. The color is a factor of the mollusk mantle color, the growth environment, and perhaps a dyeing process after cultivation. To maintain pearls for years to come, care for them after wearing by storing in a non-airtight area, enclose them in a soft pouch when near items that could damage the nacre, and wash them gently with tepid water & a very mild soap. Finally, lay the strand flat to completely dry the cording before restoring the strand. With these simple steps, your pearls will be heirlooms to pass down generation to generation.
Size: 13.5-15.5mm diameter, 23-28mm length
Length: 16.5 inch
SKU: 20269

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