12x9-13x10mm Hessonite Garnet Checkerboard Ovals 13.5 inch 26 beads 1mm hole

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Dark Hessonite Garnet checkerboard faceted oval beads exhibit vitreous luster with sizes of 12x9mm up to 13x10mm, symmetrical shapes, moderate internal characteristics common to Hessonite, an 'oil in water' appearing transparent body confirming as a Hessonite variety, a fairly well-polished surface showing small nicks for these well matched beads, and a larger 1mm drill hole diameter (1mm ID). A grade due to color and make

Gem Type: Hessonite Garnet Beads
Shape: Faceted Oval Beads
Size: 12x9mm to 13x10mm
Pieces: 26
Length: 13.5 in
SKU: 3410

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