10-11mm Bloodshot Iolite-Sunstone Faceted Coin Beads 7.5 inch 18 pieces

This amazing gemstone is Bloodshot Iolite-Sunstone which is a unique double gem formation where the two stones have formed together. The signature characteristics are the sparkling red and orange colored Hematite platelets known as aventurescence. This listing is for Faceted Coin Beads measuring 10mm to 11mm in size with a vitreous luster, a bluish violet dichroic color with a translucent body and some visible internal and external characteristics common in Iolite and Sunstone.
Gem Type: Iolite Beads
Gem Type: Sunstone Beads
Size: 10mm to 11mm
Pieces: 18
Length: 7.5 in
SKU: 45803

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