10x10- 12x12mm Green Cat's Eye Quartz Faceted Heart Briolette Beads 7.5 inch 44 pcs AA

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Green Cat`s Eye Quartz have a vitreous luster with a cat`s eye phenomenon caused by tiny needles aligning within the structure of the stones. The beads have been faceted and symmetrically shaped with a top drilled faceted heart bead showing unique characteristics in consistent color and tone. These Cat`s Eye Quartz beads are an olive green hue with tiger`s eye golden colors and chatoyant features within the stones. These opaque slightly yellowish green stones will be a unique addition to your gemstone collection. AA Grade

Gem Type: Cat`s Eye Quartz Beads
Shape: Faceted Heart Beads
Size: 10x10x5-12x12x5mm
Length: 7.5 inch
SKU: 424731

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