15-16mm Sterling Silver Bezel Celestial Quartz Faceted Nuggets 7 inch 10 Beads

Celestial Quartz Faceted Nuggets set within a Sterling Silver Bezel measure approximately 15x11mm to 16x13mm in size, have a moderately saturated translucent gray hued body with minute metallic platelets, a vitreous luster with a smooth polish, and irregularly shaped nugget shape. These gems exhibit shimmering silver-hued platelets that resemble the night sky encrusted with stars, hence their name, Celestial Quartz (also known as Elestial Quartz). The beads have 0.5mm drill holes.
Type: Celestial Quartz
Size: 15x11mm to 16x13mm
Pieces: 10
Length: 7 in
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