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Lobster Clasps

What Are Lobster Clasps?

Lobster clasps are one of the several fastening systems used to secure necklaces and bracelets. These clasps resemble lobster claws and are a step above bolt rings. The clasp is stronger, heavier, and more expensive than the latter, making it an ideal choice for high-end jewelry pieces.

Because of their strong construction, these clasps are ideal for longer necklaces and heavy pendants. It successfully secures bracelet chains by counterbalancing the weight of the chain or pendant, which keeps the clasp in place. In contrast, the clasps may not be the best choice for lightweight chains.

When using the clasp as a fastener, consider the ring size that will be secured within the clasp. To avoid functional limits, ensure the trigger mechanism does not open inwardly. The clasp sizes range from 7mm to a robust 18mm.

How To Use Lobster Clasps?

The clasps are versatile closures frequently used in jewelry designs, including lobster clasp necklaces, bracelet pieces, anklets, keychains, etc. You can also use the clasps to adjust the length of a necklace or bracelet or to secure the closures of bags, pouches, and other items. If you want to change the charms on your jewelry, these clasps will come in handy. 

Ensure the clasps are the correct size, material, and style for your design. Their secure and user-friendly mechanisms have made them popular in various applications.

Benefits Of Wearing Lobster Clasps

Several things may influence your decision to add these clasps to your necklaces and bracelets. Size, material variety, user-friendliness, durability, and affordability are all factors that contribute to the jewelry clasp's popularity.

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Lobster Clasps - Frequently Asked Questions

How Did the Lobster Clasp Earn Its Name?

The clasp, first introduced in 1970, is typically featured on retro lobster clasp bracelets and necklace pieces because of its popularity. It is named after an ocean crustacean's claw and operates on a pinching mechanism similar to a lobster's claw.

The clasp is simple to operate: pinch the back lever to activate the internal steel spring, which opens the jaws on the opposite side. This enables connection via a jump ring or chain link. 

How Does a Lobster Clasp Work?

To operate the clasp, merely grasp the little lever, usually with a fingernail, to perform the desired operation. Connect or disconnect from a short link chain or ring-shaped construction. It's ideal for finishing necklaces, bracelets, and keyrings.

Which Is Better: The Lobster Clasp or the Spring-Ring Clasp?

The lobster and spring-ring clasps are frequently compared for their safety, cost-effectiveness, and ability to complement delicate jewelry. The spring-ring clasp, which dates back to the Victorian era, is circular and features a little nub. Pulling it back opens the ring, allowing the jewelry hook to slide within, while releasing it closes the gap via a spring mechanism.

The lobster claw clasp, a newer variant, resembles a crustacean and operates by pinching. It connects to the other end of the jewelry piece by levering a little nub. Lobster jewelry has been popular since the 1970s and is more durable than spring-ring clasps due to their stronger metal. Repairs may include bending the bottom part back into shape with pliers.

While the clasps are not as delicate, they are ideal for heavier chains and larger necklaces with pendants, as they effectively hold weight. Choosing between the two is based on user choice, chain type, and clasp size, with no definitive answer because it fluctuates depending on unique circumstances.

Where Can You Buy Lobster Clasps Wholesale?

You can choose from various clasp styles and sizes when ordering lobster claw clasps. Choose a piece that complements your design, whether an oval or trigger lobster claw, a regular clasp, or a more decorative shape.

Consider buying the clasps wholesale to save money, especially if you are a repeat customer or reseller. Beads of Cambay allow for bulk purchasing, resulting in great customer savings. Don't pass up this chance! Visit our website for complete product details for each jewelry closure.

What Is the Difference Between a Ring Clasp and a Lobster Clasp?

A lobster clasp closure, which resembles lobster claws, provides a stronger hold than Bolt rings. They are heavier, stronger, and cost slightly more. Available in various sizes, colors, and finishes (from 9.5mm to 27mm on our website, with some as little as 5.8mm), larger ones are suitable for intricate designs, while smaller ones suit lighter ones.

These clasps are versatile and popular for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, particularly in adjustable designs incorporating jump rings. Remember that the inward-opening trigger may cause problems with larger or thicker jump rings.