20x14mm K2 Azurite Granite "K2 Jasper" side drilled plain cushion 7.5 inch 14 beads 1mm hole

20x14mm side drilled plain cushions of K2 Granite "K2 Jasper" with Azurite features from the Skardu area of northern Pakistan is a white granite that contains of sharply contrasting orbs of rich blue azurite creating a beautiful gemstone. These have a highly polished surface showing a symmetrical shape for a granite gemstone of opaque transparency with internal Azurite features of opaque transparency. Mined from K2 the 2nd Highest Mountain in the world & located on the border of China & Pakistan in the Himalayas. Larger than average inside diameter with a 1mm drill hole.

Shape: Cushion Cut Beads
Size: 20x14mm average
Length: 7.5 inch
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