6mm Turkish Purple Jade 2mm Large Hole Faceted Cube Beads Set of 10 pieces

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6mm Turkish Purple Jade Faceted Cubes with 2mm large holes exhibit vitreous on the opaque bodies. These Jade beads have varying shades of lilac purple hues with a slight grey undertone. These faceted shapes are symmetrical with excellent 2mm drill holes. The polish is good creating a smooth bead on these fairly well matched for quality and color.

Turkish Purple Jade, also known as “Turkiyenite”has been used as a gemstone is the 80’s and is only found in the Bursa Region of Turkey. It has also been thought that the Turkish government consider it the be a “National Heritage Stone”. Traditional gemstone jades are usually pure jadeite or nephrite with trace minerals which provide the color, but Turkish Jade has been tested and shown to have between 40% to 60% jadeite with an unknown combination of minerals that supply the color. The base colors vary from greyish purple to a deep, rich purple with a mottled appearance.
Size: 6mm
Pieces: 10
SKU: 44127

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