7-10mm Andesine faceted rondelle beads 18 inch 94 pieces AA

Warm pinkish orange Andesine beads are symmetrical faceted rondelle shapes showing a vitreous luster on a well made transparent bead with good brilliance throughout the strand exhibiting a medium dark saturation of color.

Andesine, a red feldspar gemstone, sometimes with greenish tints and a slight labradorescent effect, A relatively new gem on the market, appearing in 2003, its exact origins may be from a limited deposit of natural red Andesine from an alluvial source in Congo. Although this is possible, it has yet to be proven. Aside from the possible natural stock from the Congo, the material on the market today is produced by enhancing Labradorite through diffusion treatment with copper. A rich orange red gemstone with flash is the resulting gemstone sure to please.

Gem Type: Andesine Beads
Shape: Faceted Rondelle Beads 9mm and Larger
Size: 7-10mm
Length: 18 inch
SKU: 18130

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