Layering Bracelets - 5 Easy Tips To Follow



Bracelets can be extremely stylish as stand-alone jewelry items, especially when they are paired with the right clothing, but did you know that you can layer your bracelets together to make an extremely bold fashion statement? Everyone likes to talk about layering, when it comes to necklaces and rings, but you don’t hear anything about bracelets.

In short, layering involves using multiple pieces of a jewelry item to create a unique look that would not be possible with a single piece of that same jewelry. There is a bit of an art and a science to this, since the wrong combination will stick out like a sore thumb and make you the laughing stock of the night.

Layering your metal bracelets can be simple AND fun if you just follow the 5 easy tips outlined below:

Tip #1: Stick with no more than 3 metals at once.

Mixing up gold and silver can make for a rather interesting combination if you space them out in a creative way. You can choose to alternate them (gold, silver, gold, silver, etc.) or even place them randomly. Throw in the occasional rose gold bracelet, and you’ve really got something.

Just be careful … 3 metals is about as much diversity as you want when you choose to mix different bracelets together. You want to look stylish without looking like a parrot!

Tip #2: Use variations of the same gemstone.

Some of the most impressive looks in fashion involve a “theme” that stays consistent throughout. A great way to do this is to select just one gemstone that will make up your bracelet layering. For example, let’s say that you want to use pearl as your gemstone of choice. You could wear different bracelets that were all based around pearls. Couple these white pearls with a stunning white dress, and you’ll be turning heads and gaining everyone’s interest and attention.

Tip #3: Mix up the thickness of your bracelets.

Having bracelets of the same size on your arm can be a solid choice, but it gets boring after a while. To kick some swag into your game, have the bracelets differ from one another in their size and thickness. This ensures that every single piece is a standout while presenting a unique package all together.

Play around with the pattern until you find something that works for you. You have an endless number of combinations to choose from.

Tip #4: Make the bracelet layering revolve around a watch.

In Tip #2, you received the suggestion to choose your bracelets based around the theme of a single gemstone. Here, you are going to do the same thing, except that you are basing it on the timepiece you are wearing. For example, if you had a rose-gold watch on, a great idea would be to surround it with some small silver bracelets. It’s a fashionable look that only takes a few seconds to prepare without much thought. How’s that for simple fashion?

Tip #5: Make sure that the bracelets are visible.

This one goes without saying, but you want to make sure that you are wearing short-sleeved shirts or anything that will allow your bracelet game to stand out to the crowd. There’s no point in layering your bracelets if they are going to be hidden under a thick sweater or a winter coat.

At the end of the day, these are nothing more than tips that you can use to layer your bracelets and give yourself an edge in the fashion game. There are no exact rules – feel free to mix and match as you like! That’s the fun of being able to layer your jewelry: You never know what is going to happen!

Whatever you do, make sure to purchase your bracelets from someone who hand-selects their jewelry from trusted sources worldwide.