What’s fun about making pieces of jewelry, whether as a business or as a hobby, are the ever-changing options you have! You don’t have to wake up to make the same thing over and over. You can, quite literally, create whatever you feel like that day. You could model your pieces after new trends or already popular classic styles. Or, you could avoid those altogether, and make something truly unique and all your own.

However, if you make jewelry as a full time or part time business venture, it would help to know the popular bead colors and trends right now. By using poplar styles, you will be ale to sell more pieces and watch your business grow! All you have to do is utilize popular styles, while at the same time putting your unique twist into your jewelry designs.

Here we have outlined the most popular trends for jewelry and beading right now:


    • Statement necklaces

Statement necklaces are large necklaces that are designed to stand out. All the focus needs to be directed to the necklace, rather than clothes or pieces of jewelry. Often women will opt not to wear bracelets or earrings with a statement necklace, so that the piece can be on full display.

Keep this in mind when designing your necklaces. Focal beads are the perfect choice when you want to add something that will immediately draw the eye to your necklace. Our focal beads will turn any necklace into a conversation piece, and they add an extra touch to designs. With purple, turquoise, black, and gold pieces, you are sure to find something that will dazzle and turn everyone’s attention on the necklace.

    • Purples, pinks, and deep reds

These colors are great combinations for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Plus, they look great with gold, silver, or leather. Create instant classics by using the rich hues of rubiesgarnets, and amethysts.

    • Bold color combos

Play around with different hues of the same color. This creates popular ombre-colored jewelry pieces that are currently on trend. For example, combine pastel pinks with lavender beads, or a dark red gem such as a garnet with amber, complementing the fall and winter seasons.

Metal Pieces:

    • Yellow gold

When incorporating metal pieces into your jewelry, keep in mind that yellow gold is having a moment right now. While silver and rose gold are always popular, you might want to branch out and use your creativity to work yellow gold into your designs.

    • Vintage look

Having jewelry that resembles vintage pieces is extremely popular right now. Integrating copper beads with rustic colors will give your jewelry that old-world feel.

Try Something New

    • Mixed media

Another very popular look consumers are eating up is that of mixed pieces. What we mean by this is the use of leather and beads, or leather and metals. This is an unexpected textile combination that makes a truly unique statement.

Instead of using the usual suspects—like wire and thread—experiment with leather and find ways to work colorful beads and charms into the leather.

    • Play with Color

Bold colors are predicated to be a jewelry trend this year. Use a bright color like turquoise to pop against silver beads or chains. Play around with the primary colors of the rainbow, and make multicolored jewelry with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo,and violet

Now that you have some of the latest trends at your disposal, keep them in mind when creating your beautiful pieces of work. Additionally, we want to leave you with a few tips to remember when making these on trend:


    • Keep in mind that layering is on trend for the fall, and that includes jewelry, too. Make necklaces that complement each other with various lengths. This way, a customer can buy a necklace to stand alone, or layer with one or two of the accompanying pieces. Just be sure to keep the stones and beads within the same color family.

    • With the fall season comes clothes with multiple patterns and prints. It would be a good idea to include some simple or minimal pieces when designing your jewelry. This way, potential customers can also find classic options, such as a strand of pearls, or a simple silver or gold chain with a single charm or gem.

  • Don’t be scared to incorporate more shapes into your jewelry. With oval, faceted, nugget, potato, stick, and coin-shaped beads, your customers will love the fresh look that stands out in the sea of round bead jewelry.
August 25, 2015 — Arun Yadav
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