Margarita Green Agate Drusy Beads Free Shape 11 pieces

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17x16x11mm up to 33x31x12mm graduated measure Sparkling Margarita Lime Green Agate Drusy Free Form Beads exhibit a reverse side with vitreous luster and a lime hued front side with sugar-like drusie crystal formations and with drill hole on the top from side to side. Our Drusy Collection is hand-selected for color, shape, texture, and sparkle ensuring a bedazzling assortment whether a natural drusy hue of black, brown, cream, white, & grey or whether a color treated hue in a wide range of rainbow colors.

Gem Type: Drusy `Druzy` Beads
Shape: Drusy Freeform Beads
Size: 17x16x11mm up to 33x31x12mm
SKU: 428302

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