Let those beauties shine their brightest


Pearls are one of the most classy pieces of jewelry a woman will ever own, and it’s important that she know how to wear them. Pearls are unique in that they can be dressed up or down, but they generally like to be the center of attention, and because of that they don’t always look right with certain colors, styles, or other accessories.

Pearls are a standalone type of jewelry, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to combine them with other favorite accessories that allow both pieces to shine. Consider this list of ways that you can wear your pearls so that not only do they stand out, but they also bring the rest of your outfit to the front with them.



Although pearls are sophisticated, they are also rather simple. This is what allows them to make an outfit so elegant, or to add a feminine touch to casual attire. If you’re wondering where you can wear pearls, you will be happy to know that you have quite a lot of choices.

Special occasions such as weddings and dinner parties are a great place to showcase your favorite pearls, simply because they are known for their high-quality and classic look. There are a lot of brides who also choose to wear pearls on their wedding day and, when they are passed down in the family, it always makes it that much more special.

You can also wear pearls for work attire and casual meetings, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pair pearls with jeans. Because of their simplicity, pearls can dress up a pair of denim and a simple sweater any day.

If you’re looking for a pearl that goes well with summer dresses and warmer weather, consider a pearl with less of a round shape. These Off-White Ultra Baroque Freshwater Pearls have more of a seashell look, and would dazzle with a summer outfit.



As mentioned, pearls are not the easiest piece of jewelry to match with other pieces. That being said, there are some pieces that will work well with pearls if worn properly. The first suggestion would be to match pearls with other pearl accessories. Remember not to overload too much on them, as they shine best when worn in simplicity. You’ll also want to be careful not to mix colors too much, as mixing can cause a beautiful off-white pearl to look dirty next to a bright-white pearl.

If you want to wear colored accessories, you will want to be sure that they don’t stand out or clash against the pearls. Consider a solid color in a neutral or earth tone, or something that blends well with the colors you’re wearing in your clothes. This way, the color makes sense with the outfit and the pearls are still the statement piece. Consider Bezel Set Beads from Beads of Cambay, because of their earthy tones and gentle blending of colors.

You can also consider wearing diamonds, which are similar to pearls in that they can look simple and elegant without lots of different elements. Diamond earrings would go great with a pearl necklace or vice versa.


While it is true that pearls can complement almost any outfit, there are some colors that are better worn with pearls than others.

Try to avoid colors that are too bright or fluorescent, as these do not go with pearls or complement them very well. You’ll also want to stray from bright patterns, as these will take away from the pearls or make them look out of place with your outfit.

If you want to really bring out the colors in the pearls, look to dark tones like navy blues, burgundies, forest greens, and dark grays. Wearing these colors in a solid shade is perfect for pearls, and they look especially great in the colder months. You can also consider wearing jewel-toned colors, such as turquoises, deep oranges, and purples, which will also make your pearls stand out.

If all else fails, you can always rely on beautiful black for a clean outfit and the perfect blank canvas for your pearls to shine on.


When worn properly, pearls can really take your outfit to the next level of style and sophistication. Beads of Cambay offers natural freshwater pearls that are cultured and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to complete your stylish accessorizing needs.

Remember that pearls go with so many different outfits, but it’s important to know when you’re overdoing it. Your pearls should bring attention to themselves, but they should also do something for the entire outfit. If they’re getting lost in your neckline or patterns, go for something simple and metallic instead.
January 27, 2016 — Arun Yadav
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