's Bead Care Guide

Maintain the beauty and prolong the life of your beads through a cleaning and maintenance routine based upon the best care method for your gemstone, metal, or pearl. Our bead care and maintenance guide will provide care information to help you retain the beauty and luster for all types of beads. We do not recomment the use of Commercial Ultra Sonic Cleaners as they can be chemically harsh or may incure damage to your beads or finished jewelry.

Gemstone Beads

Most gemstone beads can be cleaned using a washing solution of slightly tepid water and mild soap such as Ivory Dish Liquid. Dip a lint free cotton cloth into the liquid to dampen and wring out excess water. Using a circular motion, gently wipe the cloth over the full body of the bead to remove dust or buildup on the exterior. Cleaning of beads with exceptionally heavy buildup, may require that you disassemble the necklace to clean the beads. The best care for your beads is the proper care during wearing your gemstones. A rule of thumb is to add your jewelry as the last item on and first item off while dressing which will diminish environmental or accidental damage. We do not recommend the use of commercial "cleaning immersion solutions" as they will remove titanium metallic or aurora borealis coatings on beads.

Metal Beads

Metals react with the environment through a natural process of oxidization that occurs when exposed to sulfides in the air. This process will affect most metal beads and plated beads in the same manner. Some prefer the antiqued or oxidized appearance that results from environmental reactions. Those who prefer the natural unoxidized appearance can apply a coating of Urethane Spray to each bead before use in jewelry. To remove the oxidation or tarnish, we recommend a jewelry grade 'Tarnish Removal Solution' on the metal beads only. If the beads are in a finished piece of jewelry then a solution may ruin the finish of a gemstone, a coral, or a pearl. Store your beads with an 'anti-tarnish' pouch or anti-tarnish strip to dimish the oxidation.

Freshwater Pearls

Pearls thrive when worn because they absorb the natural oils and moisture from your skin! However, A rule of thumb with pearls is "last on, first off" when dressing to avoid chemicals or damage. Store pearls in a non-airtight container within a soft pouch to avoid drying out and nacre damage. Clean pearls by gently rubbing each pearl using a slightly damp, soft cloth to remove debris such as perfume, makeup, or perspiration. Be sure to completely dry the pearl strand before restoring to avoid thread deterioration. When cared for and stored properly, pearls will retain their luster and nacre providing you with heirloom quality organic beads. 

Gold Filled or Silver Filled Chains

Storage is a key in maintaining Gold Filled metal, these items can be stored in a non-airtight area in a soft pouch. We recommend cleaning these items with a dry, clean, soft cloth to remove any oils or debris that may have accumulated during wear. When the beads require more extensive cleaning, we suggest your local jewelry store will have unique methods and compounds for cleaning Gold-filled metal beads or findings.

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